Today’s race was definitely interesting. They set two courses- a guys and girls- ran us through the first run and then just switched us so they didn’t have to reset. This meant that for the first run, the snow was super soft (basically powder for me since I ran third). During that first run I got a bit late and it was tough to get back in it since it was so soft but I did a decent job of sticking it out and carrying speed down to the finish. Second run meant we faced all the ruts from the guys and an inconsistent course that could either present ice or fluff, along with huge banked turns. After first run I was in 6th overall, 4th for U18s, and managed to bump myself up (with the assistance of a few people not being able to finish second run…) to 1st for U18s and 2nd overall. I know I could ski better but am still thrilled- pretty sure this was the first USSA Gold I’ve ever gotten!

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